Child Safety

Stylish Blinds, Safe Spaces: Prioritising Child Safety with Flair

Solent Blinds are proud to adhere to the latest child safety standards for internal blinds, ensuring your home remains both stylish and secure for your little ones.

Child Safe Curtains - Mandatory Requirements

The standard aims to protect babies and young children by:

  • Installation of child safe blinds to ALL HOMES whether children are present or not
  • Limitations on cord and chain lengths
  • Safety devices for preventing any cords or chains from creating a hazardous loop
  • The fitting of safety devices on cords and chains at the point of manufacture
  • The testing of all safety critical components of internal blinds
  • Safety warnings and product instructions

The standards are applicable to curtains and blinds fitted in all British homes, all public buildings and any other premises where young children aged 0-24 months are likely to have access or be present. 

Modernising Window Coverings for Enhanced Child Safety

Modern blinds extend beyond simple window coverings, presenting innovative designs that emphasise child safety. Cordless blinds, notably, revolutionise the industry by eradicating tangled cords, mitigating potential risks for inquisitive children. Additionally, motorised blinds provide a contemporary touch of luxury while entirely eliminating cord-related safety concerns. These advancements not only prioritise your children's safety but also enhance the visual charm of your home.

Safety-First Materials with Stylish Appeal

Choose materials that meet rigorous safety standards while elevating your décor. Prioritise durable, non-toxic options, including eco-friendly materials that complement modern design aesthetics. With premium finishes, our blinds not only endure daily use but also enhance the elegance of your living spaces.

Tailored Tips for Child-Friendly Window Treatments in Every Room

Every space in your home requires tailored window treatments. Choose blackout options for nurseries and children’s bedrooms to promote a tranquil sleep environment. Enhance living rooms with stylish yet secure blinds that complement your décor. High-traffic areas and playrooms benefit from easy-to-clean, durable materials that withstand spills and messes. Customising your selections for each room creates a cohesive, child-friendly atmosphere throughout your home.

How Can We Help You?

Understanding the crucial safety features of child-friendly blinds is essential for providing peace of mind. Cordless operation, for example, eliminates entanglement risks, making it a perfect choice for households with children. Additionally, safety certifications, indicating compliance with industry standards, offer further reassurance. By familiarising yourself with these features, you empower yourself to make informed decisions, ensuring the safety of your little ones while maintaining your desired aesthetic.

At Solent Blinds, our wide-ranging selection effortlessly blends innovation, style, and safety, demonstrating that safeguarding your child doesn't require sacrificing style. We're here to assist you in discovering a striking solution tailored to your unique requirements.

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Excellent profesional, friendly Service, stunning products too. We would fully recommend Solent Blinds to anyone

"We are very grateful to you and your colleagues at Solent Blinds for all the work you have done on our project. We were hugely impressed with your service and your commitment to finishing the job while overcoming various problems which you did not cause. You deserve great credit and huge success. When we need blinds and curtains again your company will be the first we call and we will certainly recommend you to others when the opportunity arises."

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Perfect, works really well, just what I hoped it would be.

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Fantastic job, lovely quality thick curtains.

Beautiful job, looks fabulous in my 1930's home. Perfect.