The Scary Truth About Installing Blinds Yourself

Why It’s Best to Leave the Fitting of Blinds to a Professional

As Christmas fast approaches the Halloween spirits of DIY projects rise from the grave and haunt many homeowners in preparation for the festive season. The temptation to save a bit of money and do things yourself may seem appealing, but the scary truth is that you may end up with an installation that resembles more Frankenstein's Monster than Santa Claus's workshop handiwork. Trust us, we've heard enough horror stories of botched blind installations that could send chills up your spine.  In this enlightening blog, we'll unveil 5 spooktacular reasons why using a trusted blind supplier and professional fitters is a brighter idea than venturing into the eerie world of blind installations on your own. 

Why should I get a professional to fit my blinds? 

Reason 1: You'll Save Time and Money

Installing blinds yourself can be more costly than you first imagined, in time and money and hiring a professional to fit your blinds can actually save you both. Picture this: you're determined to install your blinds solo. You've got your toolbox, instructions, and a can-do spirit. Yet, as the hours tick away, you realise that this task is more intricate than you initially imagined and you don't have the right tools for the job, which you now have to buy or rent.

When you summon professional blind fitters, they bring a wealth of experience and a bag full of tricks (the good kind). They'll measure, install, and ensure everything fits to perfection. This means less time and money spent wrestling with brackets and more savings by avoiding costly mistakes. No tricks, just treats.

Reason 2: It's More Convenient

In today's busy world, convenience is key. No one wants to spend their precious time trying to install blinds while juggling other commitments like work, family, and social life. Professional blind fitters offer the convenience of a good job, done quickly and done right. 

They'll schedule a time that suits you, show up with all the necessary tools, and work their magic while you sit back and enjoy the show - Less Nightmare Before Christmas and Rocky Horror and more Hocus Pocus. The only thing scary will be how quickly and effortlessly they complete the installation. No haunted houses, just happy homes.

Reason 3: It's Less Hassle 

Installing blinds can be a nightmare if you don't have the right experience or expertise. They often come with unforeseen complexities resulting in unnecessary stress and frustration, leaving you wondering if your blinds will ever see the light of day. You may end up with crooked or unevenly aligned blinds and fixing issues that will haunt you for years to come. 

But there's no need to invite the ghosts of DIY past into your home. Professional blind fitters have seen it all! They've faced countless obstacles in their line of work and have the knowledge and expertise to handle and overcome any problems that may arise during installation. No monster headaches, just freakishly fast-fitting.

Reason 4: Unexpected Problems Aren't an Issue

Halloween or not, DIY blind installations can sometimes reveal unexpected issues that you're ill-prepared to handle. From uneven walls to tricky window frames, these surprises can turn your pet project into a haunted house of DIY horrors.

Professional blind fitters are your ghostbusters in this scenario. They assess the situation, identify potential issues, and come prepared to tackle them head-on. You won't be left in the dark, wondering what to do when the unexpected raises its eerie head. With professionals, your blind installation becomes a smooth and worry-free process. No scary surprises, just peace of mind.

Reason 5: A Quality Finish Is Guaranteed

Halloween is all about the costumes – but when it comes to your blinds, you want a quality finish that's timeless, not a disguise that falls apart. DIY installations often leave room for errors that can detract from the overall look and feel of your space not to mention the figurative crime scene of chaos often left behind.

When you entrust the job to professional blind fitters, you're guaranteed a picture-perfect result. They are trained to pay attention to detail and have the skills and experience to ensure your blinds are not just installed but installed with precision and quality. No horrific mess, just a flawless finish.


Don't Let the DIY Haunt You

As Halloween draws near and the shadows grow longer, remember that your home improvement projects don't have to be a scary story. As tempting as it may be to attempt your own blind installation, it's best to save yourself from the DIY demons and leave it to professionals like Solent Blinds and Curtains to bring magic to your home with ‘boo-tiful’ blinds and curtains.

For more information about fitting blinds and curtains, or expert advice regarding the best window covering option for you, call us today on 02380 510 333 to speak with the team at Solent Blinds and Curtains to arrange a no- obligation home consultation.

For more information about fitting blinds and curtains, or expert advice regarding the best window covering option for you, call us today on 02380 510 333 to speak with the team at Solent Blinds and Curtains to arrange a no- obligation home consultation.

Happy Halloween, and may your blinds be as bewitching as the holiday itself!