Motorised Blinds Installation in a Southampton College Sports Hall

Check out this recent project, installing a new set of motorised blinds at this local college. 

Project Overview - A Request for Motorised Blinds

We were recently commissioned to install motorised roller blinds in the sports hall of a Southampton sixth-form college and wanted to share this wonderful video our team took once they’d finished.

The hall itself features floor-to-ceiling windows and doubles up as the venue for dramatic performances, college events and larger meetings. With a total of 10 end-to-end windows, users of the hall often experienced excessive light, which hindered focus during various activities, most notably sports.

Initial Consultation

Our first step was a visit to the school to build up a more accurate picture of their specific needs. During the meeting we presented school administrators with a range of options and fabric choices that would complement their existing decor. At this point management mentioned their intention for the project to kickstart a college-wide decor transformation, giving us a bit more freedom to opt for a contemporary look that could be easily extended to future decorative work.

Custom Blinds Design and Fabrication

Taking into account the various child safety regulations and the need for a fire retardant material, we presented a selection of suitable fabrics for consideration and once college management had decided on the colour and finish (a deep matt blue) our team back at the Solent Blinds workshop in Southampton set to work.

We’d opted for two sets of motorised blinds per window - one upper and one lower. This design offered the highest degree of flexibility, allowing the complete elimination of exterior light or just reducing glare by covering the upper half of the windows. The selected materials were chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that they not only performed well, but also enhanced and updated the overall look of the sports hall.

Installation Process

With the blinds completed, our skilled installation team got to work back at the college. With decades of experience, the actual installation process was as smooth and efficient as ever, as highlighted in the pictures and video below. Our precise alignment and secure fitting of the blinds ensured optimal performance and longevity for many years to come.

It’s also worth mentioning that we spent a little extra time ensuring the automated system was fully calibrated to allow easy and precise control of light levels, providing an adaptable environment for the many different activities held in the hall.

Outcome and Feedback

The feedback from both staff and students was overwhelmingly positive. The new motorised blinds significantly improved the environment, particularly benefiting the after-school badminton team, who can now enjoy their sport without being blinded by afternoon sunlight.

Long-Term Benefits

Our service - making and installing the new motorised blinds - not only met the college’s immediate needs, but also set a precedent for future decorative enhancements administrators have in the pipeline. So our installation has paved the way for potential future upgrades across other parts of the school. By starting with the sports hall, the college has a showcase example of how modern, automated solutions can transform a space, making it more functional and visually appealing.

Another Successful Blinds Installation Project Completed

As always, you’re only as good as your last job and we’re very proud to have gone the extra mile on this demanding project, providing the college with a contemporary solution that enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

In fact, we think this installation project perfectly showcases our commitment to the highest standards of quality and innovation, emphasising our reputation as the preferred choice of schools and colleges in Southampton and across Hampshire for all their blinds and curtains.

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