The Solent Refurbs Team Strikes Again.

A Major Overhaul for a Master Bedroom & Ensuite

The Solent Refurbishment team recently took on this remarkable home refurbishment project for a suburban townhouse in Southampton. The task at hand was to revitalise a somewhat dated master bedroom and ensuite bathroom, bringing them into the modern age, while meeting the client's desire for brighter, more inviting spaces.

Another Unique Home Refurbishment Challenge:

The primary challenge for our team was to completely refresh a large bedroom and adjoining bathroom, both of which felt dark and outdated. The owners were specifically requesting a lighter ambiance for both rooms, with special attention to be paid to the bathroom where they had chosen to install a new walk-in shower and more modern fixtures.

Laying the Groundwork:

We began the project by undertaking extensive renovations in both rooms. In the bathroom, we effectively started from scratch, removing old floorboards and replacing all the plumbing. Following that we laid new flooring and gave the walls a good skim with a lime based plaster to prevent damp and mold. Next came the installation of the new bathroom furniture - sink unit, toilet and walk-in shower. Complementary tiling around the fixtures was carefully selected to match the contemporary, earth-toned floor tiles, creating a cohesive look in the space.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom a similar procedure was being followed. Old - and in places rotten - floorboards and skirting were pulled up and replaced with insulated flooring. Electric points were repositioned for easier access and all the walls were skimmed to ensure a smooth finish. The icing on the cake was a complete decoration job, using more warm, light colors, including all internal window and door frames, to complete the new look.

Everything Comes Together:

We hate blowing our own trumpet, but we have to say, the refurb team’s efforts were nothing short of spectacular. The master bedroom and ensuite bathroom had been successfully transformed into an inviting, modern retreat that exceeded our client's expectations. In particular, our use of light natural colors and complementary tiling hugely added to the overall ambiance, creating two cohesive and visually stunning spaces.

It’s All About Client Satisfaction:

Our clients were overjoyed with the outcome of this project. The refreshed look and functionality of their new look bedroom left them delighted. But perhaps the thing that pleased them most was that everything was left in perfect condition, allowing the owners to move straight back in, after just a week of sleeping in the spare room!

Our Home Refurbishment Team Work Fast:

Despite the extensive scope of this project, the Solent Refurbishment team demonstrated once again, their remarkable efficiency by completing the entire project, from start to finish, in just one week.

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your home and you live in Hampshire, whether it’s a full house renovation or simply a quick room makeover, we are the local refurbishment team you can trust to deliver exactly what you want.

To kickstart your next project, give us a call or drop us an email via the contact page.

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