Fitted Window Blinds

Bringing Privacy & Some Much Needed Shade, with Fitted Window Blinds at this Spectacular Southampton Penthouse

Project Overview

We recently enjoyed some incredible views working on this project installing bespoke manual roller blinds at a luxurious penthouse apartment in Southampton. The modern apartment in question boasts expansive windows and a large glass frontage, offering stunning views over Southampton Water.

But while the owners love their home's contemporary design and the breathtaking vistas, they faced two significant challenges. Firstly, the apartment is overlooked by a new residential development. And the abundance of sunlight throughout the day often became overwhelming.

The Challenges

Enhance Privacy:

With a new development being constructed nearby, the owners felt their privacy was compromised and were looking for a solution to maintain their sense of seclusion without obstructing the views.

Block Out Sunlight:

The large glass frontage and expansive windows allowed excessive natural light into the apartment, which, although most of the time the owners love, needed to be controlled to prevent discomfort and glare.

Our Solution: Fitted Window Blinds

To address these challenges, we proposed the installation of bespoke fitted window blinds. These made to order blinds offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing the owners to adjust the level of natural light and privacy as needed. Our team worked closely with the clients to create blinds that matched their specific needs and complemented existing design and decor.

Initial Consultation

We began with a site visit to the penthouse, where we met with the owners to discuss their requirements and preferences. During this consultation, we examined the space, noted the dimensions of the windows and explored various design options. The clients expressed a preference for neutral colours that would seamlessly integrate with their existing decor.

Custom Manufacturing of Fitted Window Blinds

Following the consultation, our team set to work designing and manufacturing the bespoke fitted window blinds in our Southampton workshop. Each blind was individually crafted to ensure a perfect fit for the apartment's unique window dimensions. We selected high-quality materials that offered durability and ease of use, while the neutral colour palette chosen by the clients ensured the blinds complemented interior design.


With everything in place installation was relatively straightforward and our installation team were finished in less than half a day. Our professional fitters arrived on site and efficiently installed the roller blinds across all windows, ensuring each one operated smoothly and provided the desired levels of light control and privacy. The installation process was completed without any disruption to our clients' daily routine.

The Results Speak for Themselves

The owners were delighted with the results. The newly fitted window blinds provided the perfect balance between managing natural light and enhancing privacy. The neutral tones of the blinds blended beautifully with the apartment’s interior, enhancing the overall aesthetic without drawing attention away from the stunning views over Southampton Water. The flexibility offered by the manual controls allowed the owners to easily adjust the blinds throughout the day, tailoring the light levels to their preference.

What Our Client Has to Say

"We are absolutely thrilled with our new fitted window blinds from Solent Blinds. They have completely transformed our living space, providing the perfect solution to our privacy and sunlight issues. The Solent Blinds team was absolutely professional and efficient from start to finish, and the quality of the blinds is exceptional. We couldn’t be happier with the results!"

Looking to Enhance Your Privacy or Block Out the Sun?

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