Commercial Blinds Installation in Hampshire

Adding the Finishing Touch To This Newly Renovated Office Space

We’re so pleased with this recent project, installing commercial blackout roller blinds at a Southampton van rental business, that we just had to share it with you. Our tailor-made solution was the final element of a recent makeover and designed to complement the new decor while providing superior light management. 

Transforming Workspaces with Our Premium Blind Solutions

Here at Solent Blinds we’re proud of our ability to redefine commercial spaces with our bespoke blind installations. In this case study, we’re looking at a recent collaboration with one of the leading van rental providers in Hampshire.

Tailoring Solutions to Suit Unique Requirements

The company had recently given their Romsey location a major overhaul and the final element was to replace ageing window coverings with something a bit more contemporary and in keeping with the new decor.

Working closely with office management, our team offered a spectrum of colour and fabric options to align with the makeover. After some consideration, the company opted for a sophisticated dark blue hue, enhancing both aesthetics and light-blocking capabilities.

Setting the Stage for Success

Preparation is paramount to our process and our experienced team meticulously planned every aspect of the installation before arriving on site. While our craftsmen set to work on creating the blinds back at our Southampton workshop, the on-site team set to work preparing the site for a seamless installation, ensuring minimal disruption to the company’s day-to-day operations.

Delivering Custom Solutions Across Diverse Spaces

From the reception area to open-plan workspaces, rest areas and side rooms, our tailor made blinds needed to meet the diverse needs of the company’s office layout. As you can see from the pics below, the consistency of colour, style and layout our blinds brought to the building, really help bring together the overall design and styling.

Aesthetic Appeal Meets Practical Benefits

Office management were delighted with the final result, particularly the seamless integration of our blackout roller blinds into the new style of their office, while on-site staff seemed really happy that they could now shut out bright sunlight and enjoy a bit more privacy.

Here at Solent Blinds stands we’re exceptionally proud to be the provider of choice for commercial blind installations in Hampshire.

With decades of experience, our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction is clear. We cater to a diverse array of industries, including commercial, education, healthcare and hospitality. So if you're a business owner seeking premium blind solutions in Hampshire, contact us today for a free onsite visit and consultation.