Blinds & Curtains for Schools

Transforming Learning Spaces: Solent Blinds' Tailored Solution for Schools

As an approved supplier of blinds and curtains to schools and colleges throughout Hampshire, we take great pride in crafting bespoke solutions that enhance educational environments. In this case study we’re focussing on a recent project we worked on, for a junior school in Basingstoke.

Project Requirements:

Management at the school approached us with a unique challenge: to create an optimal environment for the day-to-day running of the school - on even the sunniest afternoons - alongside regular evening and extracurricular activities, while keeping costs in check.

With our extensive experience serving local schools in the area and our trusted council provider status, we were well-equipped to offer various practical solutions.

The Solent Approach:

We offered a fully comprehensive solution, combining curtains and blinds, tailored to the Rucstall School's unique requirements and modern decor. It goes without saying, that we carefully selected tough, durable materials capable of withstanding the rigors of school life, to ensure longevity and performance.

Delivering Quality & Value:

Everyone knows that budgets are tight these days and nowhere more so than in the education sector. So we embarked on a mission to deliver exceptional quality at a competitive cost. For both the blinds and the curtains, we chose materials that were strong, stain resistant and very long-lasting.

Client Satisfaction:

Feedback from the school's management, staff and pupils was overwhelmingly positive. The teachers were delighted that they could now control light, especially on sunny days to enhance their learning environment.

Curtains & Blinds for Schools:

At Solent Blinds, we love working with schools where - in our own small way - we can contribute to the transformation of learning spaces into vibrant hubs of education and creativity.

If you run a school or college in Hampshire or the south coast and you’re looking to replace, revamp or renew your existing blinds and curtains, check out our bespoke solutions or give our team a call today.