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Transforming Homes, Improving Lives

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver bespoke refurbishment solutions that not only enhance homes but also improve lives. This recent case study clearly shows how our brilliant refurbishment team went above and beyond their initial brief, to deliver an incredible job.

A Common Challenge

We were contacted by a retired gentleman, now living alone, facing difficulties getting in and out of his bath without assistance. Acknowledging the necessity for a safer and more accessible bathing solution, he sought to replace his old bath with an easily accessible shower.

There’s always a but and in this case, cost was a factor. Our client was not looking for a new bathroom or a major refit, simply a more practical way to bathe. So while other companies were insisting the only practical solution was to gut the existing bathroom and start over, our local refurbishment team had a far more economical and resourceful solution.

On arrival, our team noted the state of the existing water tank and associated piping. While essentially functional, as the photos below show, they were certainly in need of a little TLC and we committed to include that as part of the project.

A Beautiful Walk-in Shower Without Breaking the Bank - or the Colour Scheme!

The first thing our team did was prepare the area, starting with a thorough clean of the water tank. While we didn’t detect any major issues, there was some corrosion to existing pipework and fittings, which we promptly replaced.

Insulation has become a lot more efficient in recent years and with energy bills soaring, our next job involved installing a snug jacket of heat retaining foam to improve energy saving and cut heating costs.

Next it was time to carefully remove the old bath. Rather than risking making more work for ourselves, by damaging any hidden fittings, our team took the time to carefully cut the bath and remove it in small sections.

After a thorough clean it was time to install the new unit. With plenty of space to work in, our client had chosen a large, self-contained walk in shower, with wide, glass doors. Luckily we were able to use existing shower plumbing, which saved time.

Well worth noting is something that our Hampshire refurbishment team have become very good at over the years and that’s their ability to recycle existing tiles. Time and time again it’s helped save our clients added expense.

In this case, it was even more important as the existing design of tiles used in the bathroom had been discontinued. With the only alternative to use mismatched tiles, we turned to a trade secret. After (very) carefully removing the old tiles we soaked them overnight to remove the grout, leaving them good as new in the morning, when we reused them to ensure a cohesive design aesthetic.

The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Our client was overjoyed with his new walk-in shower, which not only provided him with the independence he sought, but also added space and a fresh contemporary aspect to the bathroom.

As a local refurbishment company, working across Hampshire, we take great pride in projects like this, breathing new life into homes while prioritising the needs and preferences of our clients.

Whether it's a single room refurbishment or a complete home makeover, our highly skilled team is equipped to handle any challenge with finesse and precision. Get in touch with us today and let us help you transform your home into a space you'll love.

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