Covid-19 Workplace Safety

When the time is right and you want to open for business again following the Covid-19 pandemic and Government advice, we can supply a ‘bespoke kit’ of essential items to help protect the safe return of your staff to the workplace.

From personal face masks, face screens and hand sanitiser through to hanging screens and mobile partitions, you can be assured that your staff are protected.

Products include:

Facescreens: For the protection of the face and eyes from splashes, sprays and airborne droplets.

Respirator Face Mask FFP2-KN95: A cotton breathable fabric mask for filtering hazardous airborne particles.

Medical Mask Type IIR: A splash resistant 3-ply layered mask for extra protection.

Non-contact Thermometer: This non-invasive thermometer provides an effective and convenient method of measuring a person’s temperature.

Hand Sanitiser: Protect+ is an 80% alcohol based hand sanitiser which is available in an easy hand pump 500ml bottle.

Rollerscreen: A low cost, easy to fix and use transparent screen which allows staff working behind counters or cash registers to protect themselves against coughs and sneezes.

Hangerscreen: A lightweight and simple transparent sneeze and cough screen to protect staff and customers which can be fixed by magnets or sticky pads to false and lowered ceilings.

Movascreen: With the need for hospitals and healthcare setting to quickly deploy extra bed space, Movascreen offers a hygienic and quick privacy screening solution for patients between beds where you can’t utilise curtains.

Movascreen Lite: Like Movascreen, the Lite option also offers a quick privacy screening solution however Movascreen Lite has been developed to provide a more temporary lifespan that its sister product, Movascreen.

ScreenLok & ScreenLite: A hygienic, flexible and versatile screening solution that can be rapidly deployed and easily configured.


Medical Mask IIR



Movascreen Lite


ScreenLok & ScreenLite

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