Pleated & Cellular Blinds

13th October 2017

Pleated and cellular blinds look stunning and are easy to operate with either our manual option o...

Autumn/Winter Trends

26th September 2017

Get some home inspiration by viewing our Autumn/Winter Trends Book for 2017/18, click here to dow...

Check Out The New Season Colour Trends & Fall Into Autumn!

15th September 2017

A major trend in interiors for Autumn 2017 is influenced by the urban landscape. Geometric design...

Be Daring & Add Bursts of Colour

11th September 2017

Pressed fern leaves are a wonderful way to introduce a traditional botanical trend in a contempor...

Intricately Woven Geometric

24th August 2017

Capture a contemporary style with geometrics on vertical vanes. As small-scale patterns are unobt...

Create an Elegant Interior with Sheers

22nd August 2017

Semi-translucent fabric gives a lighter, more expansive feel to a room. Clara is also available i...

Black Backdrops Create Impact

18th August 2017

For a bohemian style, accent a simple black blind with oranges and pinks. Image: Hive Blackout Black

A Colour with Flexibility

16th August 2017

Teal brings both the soothing quality of blue as well as the stable nature of green, making it a ...

Delicate Design

14th August 2017

Introduce an aspect of nature into your home! Border prints add a subtle element of interest to y...