Be Daring & Add Bursts of Colour

11th September 2017

Pressed fern leaves are a wonderful way to introduce a traditional botanical trend in a contempor...

Intricately Woven Geometric

24th August 2017

Capture a contemporary style with geometrics on vertical vanes. As small-scale patterns are unobt...

Create an Elegant Interior with Sheers

22nd August 2017

Semi-translucent fabric gives a lighter, more expansive feel to a room. Clara is also available i...

Black Backdrops Create Impact

18th August 2017

For a bohemian style, accent a simple black blind with oranges and pinks. Image: Hive Blackout Black

A Colour with Flexibility

16th August 2017

Teal brings both the soothing quality of blue as well as the stable nature of green, making it a ...

Delicate Design

14th August 2017

Introduce an aspect of nature into your home! Border prints add a subtle element of interest to y...

Tranquil & Calming Interior

11th August 2017

Cool whites set on black create a restful environment. Add hints of warm metallic for a modern fi...

Refreshing Green

28th July 2017

The buzzing sound of lawn mowers and the scent of freshly cut grass arouses our senses to the arr...

Stable Blue

25th July 2017

Sand between our toes and the sound of the ocean’s waves, the summer season allows us to ta...